Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

I love when Alice lays on the grass, singing about living in an imaginary world of her own. It inspires me to dream more.

After she falls down the rabbit hole she drink out of a small container making her shrink, then she eats something, making her a giant. All while talking to a door handle. 

 The tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare

  Alice drinks tea out of a a cup cut in half, then the rabbit comes with his clock which is two days slow and the March hare destroys it.

 Alice asks for advice from the Cheshire Cat who randomly appears sitting in trees, and he opens the trunk of a tree which leads Alice to a maze and she ends up meeting the evil Queen of Hearts.

Then, Alice wakes up from her dream about an imaginary world. And the whole time her adorable cat, Dina, was sleeping on her lap.

What is your favourite animated movie?


  1. so hard to choose a favorite....classic disney just blows me away! but must say I absolutely love "my neighbour totoro" (studio Ghibli). Just found your blog through thecaker....brilliant blog! (:

  2. Ohh yes I commented on that drawing you did of Jordan. I love it! Classic Disney blows me away too, I pretty much love each and every film.
    Thank you so much that means a lot, glad you like it.

  3. I love Alice in Wonderland. The songs, the characters, the dancing, the Tea Party, everything. My fave scenes are the tea party, when she falls down the rabbit hole and when she is singing and laying amongst the daisies.

  4. I love Lion King, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.
    I love your blog (:

  5. Katie - I love all those scenes too, especially when she falls down the rabbit hole.

    Old Hollywood movie lover - Thanks!!! I haven't seen Snow White in a long time. It's at the top of my list for Disney movies to watch. Have you seen Lion King 2? I have 1 and 2 on video, haha those were the days, when people didn't own DVDs.